By booking a class you consent to your child(ren) participating in the classes of Brave Bs. You provide contact details when booking a class and undertake to inform Brave Bs of any changes to this information. You confirm that all details are correct and you are able to give parental consent for your child(ren). By booking a class you accept our terms and conditions (read below)

Terms & Conditions

We are operating in line with the government’s Covid guidelines during our classes. We maintain social distancing while we practice yoga (the yoga mats will be placed at least one metre apart from each other). The teachers will be wearing face masks (or face masks and face shields) during the class apart from the yoga session where the masks will be removed once everyone is on their yoga mats. During the art and crafts session we will be sharing a table which will be cleaned and sanitised beforehand. We will ensure that we maintain social distance from the children whenever it is possible unless closer contact is required for short periods of time such as helping with cutting. To reduce the risk of infection we kindly ask everybody to arrive five minutes before the class starts and wait outside of the building.  We will be at the entrance and once everyone is there we are going to go inside together (no parents will be allowed to come inside). After the class finished we will take the children to the entrance of the café where you can collect them. 

As sustainability is a big part of our mission you might be asked to bring your own equipment (e.g. yoga mat, scissors, glue stick). We will send an email out before each class and let you know about the necessary equipment. 
Between the yoga and art sessions we will have a short break when the children will be able to have their own snack so we ask you to pack something for them (please note that other children may have allergies so try to avoid nuts …etc).

Our Classes